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Experts in Visual Analytics, Financial Planning, and Business Inteligence.

Financial, Sales, Payroll & Opex Modeling Applications.

Web Reporting & Collaboration with the Quantrix Qloud "Always On" Pivoting.

High Performance Data Navigation, Analysis and Visualization.

DataLink and DataNav allows organizations to integrate models with data sources.

New Quantrix version 18.1 with Solver and Dynamic Categories, ready to go. Now versions by the year
Supermetanol Venezuela success story of budgeting system with collaboration and data integration by cost centers.
Please join us for Quantrix Introductory Web Conference "hands on", pick your date and time. For more info
Automarkets with Essla / Quantrix solutions planning and data visualization all in one digital pack 2017 PMG + ADAP
Essla Profitability & Cost model with a whole new set of features, including data integration with most common ODBC databases.  
ESSLA engages with Panamlam industrial emporium for a bank model simulation and financing strategies...
Quantrix differs from standard analytics software by providing model-driven & data-driven business intelligence.
ESSLA gets award contract for pricing / cost model for cement industry on-line with cost accounting system in Lima, Peru

New! Quantrix Modeler 18

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